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Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the D2 Show Ski Nationals Tournament

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

The World Barefoot Center likes to support Show Skiing and had the honor to sponsored the Highest Scoring Barefoot Act  at the Division 2 Show Ski National Tournament.

Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the Division 2 Show Ski National Tournament goes to the Lake City Skiers

Team WBC would like to Congratulate the Lake City Skiers for their achievement.

Highest Scoring Barefoot Act Award at the D1 Show Ski Nationals Tournament

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

The World Barefoot Center likes to support Show Skiing and had the honor to sponsored the Highest Scoring Barefoot Act  at the Division 1 Show Ski National Tournament.

Highest Scoring Act at the D1 Show Ski National Tournament Awarded by the World Barefoot Center

Congratulations to the Rock Aqua Jays on their huge barefoot line from Team WBC!!

Barefoot Water Skiing DevinSuperTramp Video Goes Viral

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

A few months ago the WBC was contacted by Vooray and Devin SuperTramp.  This was and is a big deal.  If you aren’t aware Vooray is an extremely trendy clothing and accessory company their moto is Live Ride Play if that give you a better idea of how awesome the products they have to offer are! Drum roll please………. Now for Devin Graham AKA SuperTramp he is a YouTube video genius.  Devin has an eye for capturing exactly what he desires to shoot and the talent of using an array of major camera equipment. Now do you see why we were so excited to be in contact with these two phenomenal companies?  After some coordination everything was scheduled and the plans for a video were in the making.

Multiple boats, jetskis, drivers, skiers, plane and a pilot came together to create what is right now at this very moment the most viewed video on YouTube. “Barefoot Skiing Behind a Plane 4K Insane” is at the top of the Trending charts! The attention of Red Bull was grasped they commented on the video “These guys must have wings.”

Fox news called the ski school and interviewed Ben Groen then on the evening news showed some clips of the video.  They were amazed that something so unique existed. (trendy site) shared the link to the video and commented “WHOA” simply knowing that Mashable was impressed makes us happy!

Facebook Pages were especially impressed with the pushups on the water, and so are all their followers.  The comments are accumulating rapidly!

Geekologie is loving those push ups on water too!

A screen grab was posted to the CHIVE!!!  Yes, #10 on the list,  & again the next day #28 CHIVE ON!

Grind TV spreads the word of an interview with Ben Groen.

Articles and screen shots have been seen all posted worldwide! Thus far we have learned of these in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Australia.

Here is what Daily Mail had to say, click for article HERE.

Sunny 100 Radio station gives the WBC barefooters props for coolness!

Facebook comments and shares are spreading like a wild fire; we can’t keep track of it any more.  We love that!

KSL news radio is giving a shout out to Devin, well deserved for his drive and talent.

Waterski Magazine gives Keith St. Onge a shout out, sharing the video to thousands.

You know those tiny waterproof cameras?!?! Yeah we are talking about GoPro, they have contacted us and they would like us to make an ALL GoPro video for them.  Okay twist our arm, count us in! Woo Hoooo!

With all this said we are extremely thankful for our strong community here at the WBC the years of working out, training, eating right and collaborating together with Vooray, Devin SuperTramp and all of the ski family, friends and fans.  We mean it from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU! None of this would be possible without all of you.

We all share a love for the sport of water skiing and because of each and everyone of you it has now been introduced to more people in the world than we can ever imagine.  Currently on YouTube over 1 MILLION views, talk about making an impact!

Keep on sharing this with others and we will keep you up to date on anything else exciting that occurs! Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date info. Cheers to over a MILLION!

Ski Ya Later!

Lauren St. Onge

Keith St. Onge makes the South Dakota News

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

I had the pleasure to go to Rapid City, South Dakota and barefoot water ski with the Mortimer and McGrath family the first week of June.  While I was there KOTATV came out and shot a bit of video.

Too see the news clip click on the link below.

KOTATV News in Rapid City, SD

Body Slide be Keith St. Onge

DevinSuperTramp, Vooray, and Barefooting

Friday, May 9th, 2014

It has been extremely exciting here at the World Barefoot Center. We have had the pleasure of working with Devin Graham AKA Devin Super Tramp for the Vooray apparel shoot. Wear your lifestyle and Live.Ride.Play is the Vooray motto and Devin has an amazing talent for filming that type of videos. As a young kid he would take his parents’ cameras and use them until they were destroyed. Over the years he has taken his filming to a new level and is the most popular guy on It is quite possible you have seen one of his videos and not realized it. We highly recommend checking out some of his work here: DevinSuperTramp on YouTube.

The past 3 days, the WBC crew has been ready and working before sunrise. We skied two locations, used 3 boats, a jet ski, and a plane. Yes, I said a PLANE!

We had the pleasure of teaching Devin and Todd the CEO of Vooray how to barefoot waterski and with limited time, these guys truly amazed us with their natural ability and determination to accomplish the task of barefoot waterskiing.

Devin barefooting

Todd barefooting

Devin stayed an extra day in order to shoot the plane scene. It is unbelievable footage! We are beyond excited to see what Devin creates. The video is due to come out in June. Keep an eye out for it!

Lauren St. Onge

World Barefoot Center with DevinSuperTramp and Vooray

Monday, April 28th, 2014

YouTube star, Devin Graham, AKA Devin Super Tramp and his crew are at the World Barefoot Center capturing crazy footage of our extreme sport for their next project with Vooray apparel with Todd Nyman.  New to Devin and Vooray? Check this out:

Human Slingshot

Follow Devin at:

DevinSuperTramp Website

DevinSuperTramp on Facebook

DevinSuperTramp on Twitter

DevinSuperTramp on Instagram

Vooray on Twitter

Vooray on Facebook

Vooray on Instagram

For an inside look at Devin and his passion for film:

World Barefoot Center Featured on Talizma

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

The World Barefoot Center crew is featured on Talizma, “Talent Worth Sharing”:

If You Love Water Sports Then This Video Will Thrill You to Core

More on WBC in the news:

WBC Featured in the News

World Barefoot Center no longer an Eagle Dealer

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

As of January 2, 2014

WBC NEWS – Company growth outpaces supplier’s production ability!

Every successful company reaches thresholds of increased demand, of elevated customer expectations and of heightened responsibility to their industry. The WBC has just been informed by Chuck Gleason of Eagle Sports that he will no longer be able to meet the barefoot wetsuit production demands of WBC.

In a letter to the WBC Chuck states “You guys have ordered a lot of product, and I know our product fits well within your business…….It’s with regret that I have to inform you that Eagle Sports will be unable to fulfill your wetsuit production needs for this coming season……..we don’t feel we can deliver product to WBC in a timely enough manner for you to adequately support your clients………. ”

The WBC is grateful for the relationship we have had with Eagle Sports during our growth. This was an expected phase, to outpace some of our suppliers, however we did not forecast being at this point with our wetsuit demand at this time.

Ben Groen – WBC Manager Product Development & Manufacturing is excited about this new step “I look at it as an opportunity to learn from our growth and ultimately enhance delivery with higher quality products. By partnering with a more established manufacturer that has closer ties to global markets we will position our company with the leaders within the industry”

The WBC wishes Eagle Sports continued success.

The World Barefoot Center would like to apologize to our customers as we go through this transitional period. We are excited to say we have been working with a respected company and well known wetsuit manufacturer to bring a new line of custom WBC wetsuits soon. We will follow up with an announcement shortly.

Team WBC

World Barefoot Center on Life Recharged

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Check out the World Barefoot Center on Life Recharged:

Female show with Karen Putz:

Male show with Keith St. Onge:

The Tommie Copper TV segment can also be found on cable. Check your cable station for local dates and times.

Ben Groen – Featured in the Australian Waterski Magazine

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Ben Groen made the cover of the July/August 2013 Australian Waterski Magazine and he was also featured inside with a 6 page article. This article is a must read! It gives you a little insight into the World Barefoot Center, some of his biggest achievements and what he is aspiring to achieve in the future. (Click on each individual page to read).  To see more magazines Ben has been featured in, go to our website and click on the Pros Page.