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David Small – The Jump King

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

David “Small’Z” Small has been around for quite some time.  Now that he’s lived in the United States for over five years, his name continues to grow!  He dominates the Jump event and flies further, smoother and more graceful than anyone in the world. Let’s not forget about his butter landings either.  He literally lands like a cat.

Here’s his latest shot in Waterski magazine.

World Jump Record Holder David Small Barefoot Water Ski Jumping

The World’s Greatest Barefooter: David Small

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Best Barefoot Ski School, Biggest Barefoot Ski School & Most Affordable Barefoot Ski School

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Saying we are the Best Barefoot Ski School may be a little biased, but here are a few reasons we could be considered to be the best:

The best Barefoot Water Skiers in the World own and work at the WBC: David Small and Keith St.Onge have won the last six world titles, Ashleigh Stebbeings is the #1 female barefoot water skier in the world and Ben Groen is ranked #4 in the world.  There are some athletes that should only be athletes and not coaches or instructors but these four individuals have the common sense to be both.  Our instructors will not only provide a great service but they are safety conscious and provide a fun atmosphere in the boat while learning.

We have the best equipment and boats.  We use all Barefoot International products (Boom, Tower, Tower Extension), provide shoe skis and ropes & handles by US Gear.  Our boats are a little older, but that is entirely due to the wear and tear these boats go through on a daily basis.  The Sanger outboards have a flat wake, no chin spray off the side and are powered by brand new Evinrude engines.

The World Barefoot Center is the Largest Barefoot Ski School in the history of the sport.  This is a fact because:

We have four boats, fully equipped.
We have five top-level instructors that have titles as professionals, top four on the ranking list, hold world records, and years of experience.
We have four lakes which we use and can accommodate any wind direction.
We have a fully-stocked pro shop.
Our instructors are available seven days a week.
We pulled 22 skiers in one day, which is a record as far as we have ever heard.

Most Affordable prices:
Our clients can simply do their homework and Google our competitors prices.  The World Barefoot Center prices are the most reasonable, affordable, and fair-priced compared to any other barefoot ski school.


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Where will YOU be going next Spring Break?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

When you think of spring break, you think sun, water, bare feet, and Florida. When planning your next trip, think of a vacation where you can combine all of them–doing some barefoot water skiing at the World Barefoot Center. Centrally located in Winter Haven, Florida, the World Barefoot Center gives you the opportunity to learn something new with friends and family. Whether or not you or your friends barefoot water ski, the World Barefoot Center offers professional training for all levels to learn.  The World Barefoot Center is owned by World Barefoot Champions, Keith St. Onge and David Small.

If there is room on the boat, the World Barefoot Center also offers the opportunity for guests to be able to sit in the boat and watch the action. The knowledge and expertise of the coaches allow even someone who’s never skied before be able to succeed at barefooting. Being able to coach you while you’re skiing with the use of Headzone helmets, the barefoot boom, a Super Fly-High, and the technical knowledge of the coaches make barefooting easy to learn. If you book several days in a row and need to take a break from skiing, the WBC is within 2 hours driving distance from Disney World, Cocoa Beach and the Gulf coast.

david small and keith st. ongeSo, for your next spring break, plan a trip where you, friends, and family can gain an experience like none other. The World Barefoot Center has sun, water, sand, bare feet and you’ll come back home with more than just a suntan. You’ll gain friendships, knowledge from professionals from all over the world, and a few tricks to show off on your lake.

For more information, contact the World Barefoot Center at ph# 800-877-0039 or email:

Written by Jeff Fritschler