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Where will YOU be going next Spring Break?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

When you think of spring break, you think sun, water, bare feet, and Florida. When planning your next trip, think of a vacation where you can combine all of them–doing some barefoot water skiing at the World Barefoot Center. Centrally located in Winter Haven, Florida, the World Barefoot Center gives you the opportunity to learn something new with friends and family. Whether or not you or your friends barefoot water ski, the World Barefoot Center offers professional training for all levels to learn.  The World Barefoot Center is owned by World Barefoot Champions, Keith St. Onge and David Small.

If there is room on the boat, the World Barefoot Center also offers the opportunity for guests to be able to sit in the boat and watch the action. The knowledge and expertise of the coaches allow even someone who’s never skied before be able to succeed at barefooting. Being able to coach you while you’re skiing with the use of Headzone helmets, the barefoot boom, a Super Fly-High, and the technical knowledge of the coaches make barefooting easy to learn. If you book several days in a row and need to take a break from skiing, the WBC is within 2 hours driving distance from Disney World, Cocoa Beach and the Gulf coast.

david small and keith st. ongeSo, for your next spring break, plan a trip where you, friends, and family can gain an experience like none other. The World Barefoot Center has sun, water, sand, bare feet and you’ll come back home with more than just a suntan. You’ll gain friendships, knowledge from professionals from all over the world, and a few tricks to show off on your lake.

For more information, contact the World Barefoot Center at ph# 800-877-0039 or email:

Written by Jeff Fritschler

WBC 2011 Figure-8 Tournament Series

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

two skiers barefooting behind boatDo you have what it takes to be the last person standing at a Figure 8 barefoot tournament?  The WBC 2011 Figure-8 Tournament Series is one way to find out!  The series consists of four tournaments around the U.S., with two skiers at a time competing in a Figure-8 pattern.  To be a contender for the Overall titles, a skier has to ski in three of the four tournaments to qualify.

Though we strongly encourage it, you do not have to enter all four races.   A skier must post positive scores in three tournaments to be a contender for the overall title.  The scoring and placing  is based on a points system, with skiers earning points for each round (excluding the first round).  The skiers with the highest combined scores in three tournaments will win the top three Overall titles for the series.  Skiers that ski in all four tournaments will have the lowest tournament score eliminated.

If you’ve never competed in a Figure-8 tournament, don’t let that stop you!  All it takes is some solid barefooting skills and the mental will to hang on until the other skier falls over.

Tournament sites and dates:

June 25:  Rolling Prairie, Indiana

August 6:  Lake St. Louis

August 27:  Madison, Wisconsin

October 22:  Winter Haven, Florida

The total cash prize for the WBC Figure-8 Tournament Series is $4,000.  The payout is as follows:

1st Place: $2,500

2nd Place: $1,000

3rd Place;  $500

Everyone is invited to the BBQ and awards at the World Barefoot Center on October 22, immediately after the tournament.