Brody Meskers: From Hydromites to the World Barefoot Center

When I firsted started to compete I trained with the Chetek Hydromites. The Hydromites were my Show Ski team mates from the Chetek Hyroflites Waterski Show Team, which included Justin and Brandon Books and Derek Buchman.

Even though I was younger than the other boys, I started out with a big advantage–I was barefooting for a  longer time. But that advantage didn’t last long. before you know it Brandon and Derek were doing the same tricks as me. So that forced me to train harder. But the harder I trained the harder Derek and Brandon trained.

The next year, my Dad said Brandon would probably pass me because his skiing was coming along so well. And the year after he thought the same of Derek. Every day I skied with them I wanted to be the best in the boat some days I wasn’t– but if it were not for my Hydromite team mates, I never would have made it to the greatest barefoot team in the world:  World Barefoot Center.

Brody Meskers

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