Breaking Bad with Barefooting

Though I have participated in multiple sports growing up, barefooting takes the cake for being the most frustrating, yet the most rewarding sport probably ever… I don’t care who you are, barefooting is one sport that will push you WAY outside your comfort zone–and ultimately takes the sanity out of a lot of us.

When I first came to the World Barefoot Center, I learned quickly how many bad habits I made for myself and soon after learned that I may be slightly insane… Swampy was the one who brought the definition of insanity to my attention which is: Doing something over and over again and expecting different results. That is one definition I will never forget, as I learned being sane is a lot harder than I thought!

But then, when you finally make peace with your mind, conquer your fears, achieve your goals and ultimately find clarity, there is no better feeling. Whether it has to do with learning a new trick, setting a National record, or earning yourself a medal at the World championships. Although I had always thought I have been physically strong as a female athlete, the World Barefoot Center staff have definitely pushed me to be much stronger mentally, helping me grow as an athlete and as a person in general.

Joey Tombers USA, Caitlyn Rowland CAN, Garth Strydom SA goofing off in the pool at WBC

But, lets be honest here, everyone who is a barefooter is at least a little crazy in the head 😉

By: Caitlyn Rowland

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