Barefooting: What’s Your Reason?


A while ago, Swampy gave me a question to answer. The question was, “Why do you love barefoot waterskiing?”. It seems like it would be such a simple question to answer, until you actually start thinking about it. At first you just think, “Well, heck, it’s just plain fun”. But I knew that wasn’t the answer Swampy would be looking for… since it really wasn’t an answer. So I had to think WHY do I think it’s fun, WHY do I keep on trying to improve? I felt like I should have been able to answer it right then and there, but I actually had to sit down and think about it. It’s hard to say why you love doing something, because you never really HAVE to explain why you love doing it. You just do it. You just get that gut feeling and passion for it. It’s difficult to explain those kinds of things. Honestly, I felt a bit ashamed that I couldn’t answer it right away.

But eventually, I did think of the answer. And it was a true answer that I now understand and feel strongly about. I didn’t want to just come up with some nonsense answer for Swampy just to get out of the spotlight. I wanted to come up with a real answer from the heart so I could truly know WHY I love barefoot waterskiing. I wanted to find the answer for myself.

So, besides the fact that you ski on your bare feet, my answer for why I love barefoot waterskiing:

It’s an individual sport.

I don’t have to worry about anybody else but me. If I fall and fail, well, that’s my fault. I can’t blame my coaches or parents even though they’ve helped me along the way. I’m the one doing the skiing and showing what I have learned through them. If I do well, then I get to celebrate along with my coaches and parents. It’s up to me to show what I can really do on the water.

Also, there’s no one I am competing against except for myself. I am trying to improve and to get better PB’s. I’m not looking to beat my trick scores by thousands of points in one day. But if I improve just the smallest bit, then that means I am getting better. And I’m happy with that!

That’s why I love barefoot waterskiing. What’s your reason?

Collin Barber


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