Barefooting: The Passion and Progression

It’s before daylight; it’s earlier than I have to get up on a workday, but I cannot lay in the bed another second. It occurs to me that getting out of bed seems next to impossible most mornings, but not today. Today, I’m going barefooting and I wake up ten minutes before my alarm goes off. I don’t understand it, it’s just what happens.

I go to bed early on a Friday night. When everyone else is just getting ready to go out and start an evening of partying and painting the town red, I am climbing into my bed, having just checked for the second time that I have everything I will need for a great day of footing. After a short ride to the lake that seems to last forever, I meet with a group of individuals that are equally as devoted and passionate about barefooting. This small group of dedicated individuals are my friends, yet, they are more like family. They are a group of close friends you can trust with your life, and everything else that matters. These people are barefooters. A unique bunch to say the least, It takes a lot of discipline to get to the lake on time that early on a saturday but they are never late. After a few jokes handshakes and genuine hugs, it is down to business. Who is first and what are we working on?

In the boat, we have a good solid mix, from beginners to advanced, and occasionally a true newbie that has never tried to foot. It all makes for an exciting day. We ski in a rotation that is sometimes becomes an argument over who want to go next as much as who wants to go last– based on the way the water looks– but either way, the character-building starts when you leave the dock. We push each other to be better and we push each others buttons as well. There are remarkable feats of barefoot skiing, and there are crashes you never forget. It’s why I always say there is only one thing more fun than barefooting: watching someone else learn.

By: Wade Masters

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