Barefoot Winter Training

As we get into the Winter months, skiing at a high level becomes more challenging due to weather conditions, more specifically, colder water and air temperatures. Your ligaments and tendons are particularly prone to strains and tears, so you must take precautions to avoid injury. The key is to listen to your body; that is, if you feel worn down or fatigued, dial it back. Don’t push it, remember, you want to be able to continue to ski all year long. Being sidelined for a couple of months or longer will set you back and take valuable time to recover and get back to the level you were skiing before your injury.

Here are a few helpful tips for avoiding injury:

1) Before skiing, warm up. You can run, do pushups, situps, etc., just get the blood flowing.

2) AFTER warming up, stretch. Stretch your Hamstrings, Neck, and Rotator Cuffs. There are several stretching techniques available; use the ones you are comfortable with.

3) Finally, when you ski your first set, perform your Basics……Toe Holds, One Foots, etc. You don’t want to go out and attempt new Tricks without a Warm Up Run.

Following these simple steps will help to insure a productive and injury-free Winter Ski season…….remember, whether you’re 16 or 52 ( like me ), this will help you ski all Winter long.

Ski you later!

By: Jim Forster

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