Barefoot Jumping at Night

One of the most memorable events I have done would have to be my first ever night jump event. The event was a last minute event that my brothers Ryan and Mitch decided to put together at the 2012 New Zealand National championships, where any level jumper could compete. When the boys were going around asking people if they wanted to compete I was very skeptical on whether or not I wanted to do it. I remember watching night jump at the 2010 world championships in Germany, it looked awesome! However I decided to give it a shot, so I said yes.
I was getting really excited prior the event, we decided to go do to the local store and buy some glow sticks to decorate our helmets. They ended up looking really cool and I was feeling really good. Then It got really dark outside and the light that my brothers hired didn’t look very bright. I was low key freaking out; what if I couldn’t see the ramp? How ever after Sarah Linton went, she informed me that it was fine and it was heaps of fun. I started to relax again and enjoy the atmosphere. Night jump is the coolest thing to watch, all you can see before the ramp is pattern of glow sticks on the skiers helmets, then out of the darkness the skier is off the ramp and in the air. Every time a skier went over the jump we had fireworks that went off at almost perfect timing.

Soon It was my turn. I remember the deep water start, I couldn’t see the boat wash at all– it was that dark! So I had to feel my way out to stand up. All I could see was a bright white ramp, and it came towards me very quickly. As soon as I landed I felt an adrenaline rush, and just wanted to do it again and again, however unfortunately we only got two jumps. From that day, night jump has been one of my most enjoyable and exciting events to do.

Georgia Groen

Georgia Groen, Featured Footer

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