Ariana Koehler: Missing the 2014 Worlds

It sure was a bummer not being able to attend the 2014 World Barefoot Championships, but thank goodness for technology! Thanks to video and internet, it was awesome being able to watch everyone’s skiing from my dorm room back in Wisconsin. Just because I wasn’t there this time around doesn’t mean my pride for Team USA dwindled one bit. It was sad not to be on the dock with my sister before she skied since we have gone to every single tournament as an inseparable pair for the past several years, but I was still able to cheer her on from home. My friends who have never even heard of barefoot water skiing acquired such an interest for the sport as we watched the tournament together and I explained the ins and outs of everything that was involved.

Going through each event, explaining the scoring, and introducing them to all of the skiers constituted an eventful week in between all of our classes and studies. It was awesome to see my friends enjoy the sport as much as they did even though it was totally foreign to them.

-Ariana Koehler

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