Alex Youngblood: My Experience as a Sponsored Skier

I am Alex Youngblood from Highland, Michigan and this is my 2nd year being a sponsored skier at the World Barefoot Center. And I would like to tell you about all the fun I’ve had with them.
In 2012, I took a trip to Texas for the Barefoot World Championship tournament. I met people from all over the world! From Great Britain to Austria. I made a lot of new friends too. Sometimes you don’t find your best friends at home. Jenifer Blake and Riley Stenson from Illinois and Minnesota are like my two best friends.
Anyways, I went there to do tricks and slalom. My PB (personal best) was 700 for tricks, and at Worlds I got 900! My slalom PB 2.6 has been the same for a long time. I had a great experience. But to get 900 I learned a lot of new stuff at  the World Barefoot Center. I learned three new tricks in one week!
Backwards one foots, one foot stand ups and one foots. The staff from WBC really helped me at Worlds. And some day they might help you too.

Alex Youngblood

Alex Youngblood at WBC

Alex Youngblood at the 2011 Barefoot Nationals

Alex Youngblood at 9 Years Old

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