A New Barefooter in the Family

My son and I got up at five a.m. to head out to Cedar Lake earlier this week.   It would be David’s first time on the boom, and I was looking forward to sharing the sport with my oldest kid for the first time. I was hoping he would be hooked– as I had visions of us barefooting together the rest of the summer.

After the first try, he admitted that the sport was just a tad harder than he expected it to be.  He gripped the boom again for another try.

“Um, son, both feet in the water.  Save the one foots for a little later…”

Ok, the third time just might be the charm:


The boat exploded in applause– a new barefooter just joined the family!  There was a broad smile on David’s face when he climbed into the boat.   An even bigger smile was plastered on my face as I went to hug my son.  “So, what do you think?” I asked.

“It’s cool, Mom!  But I still like wakeboarding better.”


— by Karen Putz

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2 Responses to “A New Barefooter in the Family”

  1. World Barefoot Center says:

    Thats Awesome! This whole barefoot thing is more addicting than Facebook!!!

  2. Claude St.Onge says:

    soooo, Now you know how I felt when I started skiing with Keith. congratulations and keep it up,, toes that is. We also applaud you. Now you can chase Mom on the water. She will have to get even more motivated. Karen, you better get ready for a race. Have fun keeping up. CSTO

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