A Barefoot Proposal

I went to Texas for two very important reasons, one was to ski in the 2012 Barefoot Waterski World Championships. It was held at Stuart Parson’s amazing site, the Barefoot Ski Ranch.  (Thank you for having all of us, Stuart!)

The other was to propose to my girlfriend, Tracy. She told me months earlier that no one has ever been able to surprise her, because she always finds out. So I was on a mission to get it done without her finding out. I was going to do it at the banquet. This was a challenging task for me, being someone who has a tough time speaking in large crowds. (Okay, let’s get real; I don’t talk that much ever.) This is something that I really wanted to do, in front of my ski family. The first thing that I needed to do was to give the ring to someone so Tracy didn’t happen to see it. (Thanks Kami for holding onto it for me. I really needed my support team– thanks to the Koehler and Derry Family.)

Needing some encouragement, I downed a Rum and Coke. Kenny and I went and spoke with Dale to see what part of the night that we could fit the proposal in. With the Koehler family behind me, Dale walked up and handed me the microphone.  Tracy thought that I was just giving a speech. I was halfway through the proposal before she figured out what I was doing.

All of a sudden, she turned red and said “You’re not doing this now are you?” After I finished with the proposal, she very softly said yes and not into the microphone. The crowd then started to ask, “What did she say, what did she say?”

She said yes!

Flipper (Jerry Kanawyer)

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