2014 Footstock Results

Foot Stock Figure 8 World Championship

Foot Stock is held way up north in Crandon, Wisconsin. This year Keith St. Onge, David Small, and Lauren St. Onge made the trip to compete. Keith and Lauren have attended many times over the years but this is Dave’s first time! Everyone was extremely welcoming as always. Every year this tournament tends to bring out the top barefoot figure eight skiers. The bar has been set high. Can 3 event barefoot World Champions Keith and Dave hang with the figure eighters? Peter Fleck has won this tourney for 4 years in a row!

Even though it was calm the first day the water was still a little rough, backwash and boat rollers caught skiers off guard. A big deal at FootStock is to make it to the Sunday Club, which means the skier made it through the brackets and has not been eliminated after Saturday’s competitions. Keith, Dave and Lauren earned Sunday Club Shirts!

Day two looked like it was going to be long because it was glass calm conditions. Luckily the wind started to blow and the odds became more difficult. It was go time for the finalists!

David Small and Fleck, we were all expecting the long, long, long run of the day and to our surprise Dave goes down early do to an extended butt ride. It’s all part of the learning experience of figure eights. Fleck advances.
Keith St. Onge is taken out by Chad Mietz after 2 ¼ eights. Way to go guys!

For the Open Final Marc Donahue and Peter Fleck! Fleck has not lost a match in 3 years. Today was the day Donahue takes Fleck down in the first eight. Donahue has to beat Fleck one more time to take the gold. In the end Fleck succeeds and wins its again. Congrats!

Footstock 2014 Results

Senior Division:

From Left to Right
1st Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd Marc Donahue (Indiana)
3rd Chad Mietz (Wisconsin)
4th Bob Mahnke (Michigan)

Junior Division:

Left to Right
1st Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
2nd Isaac Aukee (Michigan)
3rd Spencer Schallock (Wisconsin)
4th Henry Kerschbaum (Wisconsin)

Women’s Division:

Left to Right

1st Amanda Cotter (Wisconsin)
2nd Haley Gibbon (Wisconsin)
3rd Kristina Ruchti (Minnesota)
4th Amanda Nelson (Wisconsin)

Masters Division

Right to Left

1st Wayne King (Canda)
2nd Dave Hopkins (Michigan)
3rd Mike Netzer (Wisconsin)

Open Division:

1st Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd Marc Donahue (Indiana)
3rd Chad Mietz (Wisconsin)
4th David Small (England)
5th Keith St Onge (Florida)
6th Kyle Kazel (Minnesota)
7th Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
8th Luke Bruckner (Wisconsin)
9th Colt Wennlund (Wisconsin)
10th Kevin MacGregor (Minnesota)
11th Jacob Weber (Minnesota)
12th Nick Ruchti (Minnesota)
13th Greg Fatla (Wisconsin)
14th Ron Blouw (Michigan)
15th Alex Mahnke (Wisconsin)
16th Martin Lorenz (Minnesota)

Until next year FOOTSTOCK!!

Lauren St. Onge

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