2011 Austin Barefoot Poker Run

2011 Austin Barefoot Ski Club Barefoot Poker Run
Date: May 1, 2011
Time: Morning… exact time TBD
Location: Lake Travis/Pedernales River
Start: Boat ramp at Mona’s (end of Old Ferry Rd in Spicewood, TX)
End: Mona’s (or Jim Hinton’s Dock)
Buy In: $100 per boat. (that is only $20 per person with 4 skiers and a driver!)
Lunch: Provided by ABSC at Jim Hinton’s lot/dock on the Pedernales

Poker Rules:
• Standard Stud Poker Rules apply
• Play your best five cards
Earning Cards:
• The boat earns a card at each stop as long as one or more skiers barefoot (or shoe skis) the entire leg.
• The boat can earn an “additional” card on each leg by completing (or winning) the “event” for that leg.
• A maximum of three “additional” cards can be earned, regardless of how many events you complete, or
Events (during each leg of the poker run):
• Two tumble turns every minute (The skier must stand up after each tumble turn for it to count. This is
not an average of 2 per minute over the time it takes you to complete the leg. You can do 2 tumble turns
in 15 seconds, then wait 45 seconds before your next tumble turn, but you must do at least 2 every
minute. If this is sustained for the entire leg, the boat earns an extra card.)
• Race (tight line start, everyone has to ski at least once, minimum of three transitions before the finish
point, first boat to finish gets extra card)
• Tandem ski (any 2 skiers at a time, PLUS at least 1 transition, for the entire leg and the boat earns an
extra card)
• Backwards or One Foot the whole way (Each skier must ski backwards or 1 foot the whole way. If you
get up forward, you must turn backwards within 15 seconds of your feet touching the water, or a
“reasonable time” based on water conditions and stay backwards until you let go or fall. For one-foot
skiers, there is no limit to the number of times you can swap feet, but it has to be an immediate change
from one foot to the other. If you ski on both feet for more than about a second you must let go and start
again or let someone else ski. If one or both of these tasks are sustained for the entire leg, the boat earns
an extra card)
Most entertaining video:

(This is raw, unedited, video of a skiing moment, stunt, trick or fall captured at
any time between the start and finish of the poker run. This is the “event” for the last leg of the poker run
and is essentially a free ski with no extra card awarded, so a great opportunity to do something stupid for
the camera! But the video clip you enter could be captured at any time during the poker run. Show it to
everyone at the dock. Judged by show of hands. Winner gets 10% of the pot).
• Wildcard bonus:

(This is not a skiing event, but will help your team. There will be one Joker left in the
deck. It is a wild card to be played with your hand. PLUS, If you draw the joker at the start or first 4 card
draws you get to steal any skier from any other team for the next leg. However, you must give that team
one of your skiers (we can solve any indecision with a card draw). Team members switch back at the end
of the leg.
• Winning boat (poker hand) takes 40% of the pot. (play your best 5 cards if you earned additional
• Most entertaining video gets 10% of the pot.
Departure order for each leg:
• Departure order for the first leg is determined by card draw (highest card first, second highest second,
etc. Each boat will start approximately 30 seconds or more apart. Remember, this is not a race). If the
Joker is drawn at the starting dock, that team goes first AND you do the team member swap, but the joker
is re-inserted into the deck and may be drawn again (as wild card AND another skier swap).
• Departure order for subsequent legs is based on cards from the last draw.
• Everyone leaves at the same time for the race leg (you DO get something for finishing first on that leg!).
• Have FUN. Anyone involved in a real arguments will be required to ski naked the rest of the day!
• This is NOT a race (other than the race leg). You CAN pass other boats but be considerate of the task
they are attempting to complete (or not…as long as it is in good fun!)
• You get a card at each stop even if you don’t complete or win the event for that leg, UNLESS you
advance the boat without a skier.
• All legs must be completed with a skier LONGLINE behind the boat (not on a boom).
• Shoe skis ARE allowed for any of the legs, especially if conditions are poor. However, you may be
relentlessly teased if you use anything other than your bare feet in good water!
• Only ONE skier can use shoe skis during the race leg.
• At least two skiers must ski at some point during each leg.
• There are no rotation order requirements.
• One boat will carry the deck of cards.
• In order to better facilitate trash talking and the card draw, we will wait for all boats to finish each leg
before starting the next leg.
• Each boat draws its own card at each stop (and may request a shuffle at any time)
Course (start/finish of each leg):
• Map to be provided at the start.
• Each leg of the poker run will be an average of about 4-5 miles…some may be a little longer and some
• The Race leg will be determined by wind conditions, number of boats entered, and width needed for
simultaneous start and will probably finish at a mile marker on the Colorado.
• See Austin Barefoot Ski Club web site for details OR contact:
Brent Keadle

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